The musician speaking her mind at Bahati's event

Akothee revealed some interesting things when she spoke at the relaunch of Bahati’s EMB records.

The singer who has been on a philanthropic bend for the starving people’s of Turkana, spoke about why she would go into gospel music.

Akothee the free-spirit mood
Akothee the free-spirit mood

She said:

I applaud all gospel artistes Church you don’t even need to applaud for yourself, everybody needs Jesus. You know church is always full. That is why I want to jump to gospel cause it is easy for me. 

Akothee before she got saved

She repeated again the mantra, ‘Everybody needs Jesus, right?’, to a huge jubilation from the crowd. She even told the crowd that she would make sure (the gospel song she would do) was a hit.

The ‘Sweet Love’ musician had a lot to get off her chest and also spoke about the Kenyan music industry.

Victoria and Akothee at a past event

She explained that the music industry was so messed up saying, ‘You are talking to someone today and you don’t know whether they are your enemy or your supporter.’

She added that the industry had a lot of ‘killers’ with no ‘cheerleaders’. Madam Boss as she also calls herself also complained about Kenyan’s tendency to congratulate foreign music acts but ignore their own.

She said:

Song’s which are a flop in another country are a hit in Kenya. you walk into a club you find a song you don’t like but you end up singing it.

The musician speaking her mind at Bahati’s event

The event saw Akothee in her element and it was a sight to behold.

Her truth was the news.

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