Singer Akothee never minces her words. She says what she means to say. Very candid. That is her style.

The mother of five has taken a shot at her earlier baby daddies while praising her current mzungu baby daddy. Many have branded the mzungu as a sponsor and an ancestor but Akothee is not fazed by those claims.

Naughty Akothee Shows Off Her Ancestor Mzungu Lover Then Threatens Her Fans AGAIN!

The singer is currently in Europe for the Christmas holidays together with her five children. Akothee posted a photo of her and the mzungu baby daddy saying that atleast he cares about his kids and knows where they are, unlike her Kenyan baby daddy.

“#Akothmyfirstwife The only man who knows the meaning of baby mama, Akoth ukiritimba utaacha, 1 word for wuon Oyoo , the man who respects a family set up God bless you jafaransa.wuon Oyoo ulichelewa kidogo lakini hata waliotangulia hawajui watoto wao wako wapi,” she wrote.

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One savage Kenyan wrote, “Someone’s grandpa being referred to as ‘baby daddy’… Get a young jungu tukuogope si hawa mababu.”

He was shut down by other women who wrote,

Ellul Apiyo Akothee true! Any boy can be a father but it takes a man to be a daddy!!! He is a keeper! Usimwachie wa team ya ma side dishes!

Janet Wendy Kyalo ha haaaaaaaaaaa akotheeeeeee ati waliotangulia hawajui watoto wao wako wapi..aki you wil kill me one day…its true ata mimi sijui baba yangu ako wapi

Lizatieno Ndiege She is proud to be herself…she doesn’t hide anything like most of celebs does, she is socialist
..I love her, I look up to her…feelings mupande naye mi nashuka

Edel Mariah Ahaaaaaaaa Akothee walio tangulia ….we can call them sperm donors. Gijoga ma

Ellul Apiyo Sio sperm donor jowa! Immature ejaculators!!!
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Nkirote Nkirote Hellen Akothee let salute full responsible men who commit themselves after big boys have left

Marvin Awuor Omondi Okothe just live them awawezi jua about watoto wao coz uwanga wako buzy na mpango wa kando kuliko watoto wao pongezi kwa kuwaleya your a strong woman.

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