Akothee is making major changes in her beauty regimen.

The singer and businesswoman says that the most important thing right now is what goes into her stomach. Not what is plastered on her face.

“Because the money I have is to eat not makeup. I can do without makeup.”


“My hair cost me Ksh 650. Kubomoa, washing and planting.

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“My nails used to cost me Ksh7,000 after these ones I will call that girl to come and undo them, I go back to natural.”

She continued,

“I’m trying to see if natural is cheaper. For my lashes I called my lashes girl yesterday.  She told me , ‘Oh you want to give me corona.’

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“So now I’m swimming as much as I can so that this rubbish can fall out. All of it (pointing at her lashes).”

Akothee explained the rational of her decision to go natural.

“All I’m saying is, what matters right now is what goes into your stomach.

“No make up. I’m done. It is no stress for me. I’m happy. Nobody is beating me . My friend, if you are ugly you are ugly. If you are beautiful you are beautiful.”

She noted,

“Actually, no one is ugly.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made. And me, Akothee, I’m the most beautiful African  queen. Call police about that.”

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