Akothee and Rue

Akothee the self  proclaimed President of single mothers has advised her daughter to grow a tough skin so as to survive in the industry.

Being a model,Rue Baby has had her fair share of trolling with some Kenyans accusing her of riding on her mother’s fame.

Akothee is however not bothered by such critics.

Taking to her social media,Akothee penned

Rue baby my darling , When I was your age ,I was busy giving birth and embarrassing my parents left & right.

Living a substandard life ,full of pain, humiliation & bitterness .

so ,I want you to understand that ,you are more famous than me ,the talk of town,the queen of beauty,but I can’t hide behind Pseudo accounts to troll or insult you, because, your win is my win,’


Am benefiting from your success as a mother , you are succeeding in your own way ,and I am succeeding too .

Don’tfall for anyone insulting you on social media, most of the haters are already suffering in a corner, if it were not so ,they won’t bother to mention you.’

She further added

They can’t stand to see you win It s not about you its about them .

Everytime I see woman around you ,I panic, you are young and vulnerable. 

You might one day realise that those you kept around you are the same who had pseudo accounts •

Akothee added that she has been a victim of malice before,with people close to her being behind her misery.

One day I woke up to realise that Someone I thought was a friend was the one fighting for my downfall . 

Be careful with the industry too ,too many fakes, they call you baby / sweetheart etc its not true.

it’s even better to have haters who tell you the truth to your face.

Anyone who hates your mother can’t love you It. I say NO TO MEDIOCRITY I THE WORLD IS FULL OF MALICE.STICK TO FAMILY. NO ONE IS COMPETING WITH YOU , YOU ARE COMPETING AGAINST DION TO GET TO RUE, Accepting average starts & stops with you.