Akothee is not a push over. Not as an opinionated artiste and not as a mom.

She confronted her daughter, Rue baby after she came home late waaaaayyyy past her curfew.

Akothee asked, “Yo! before you go to school, yesterday, what time did you come home? Ehen, you did not know I was here? That I was in Nairobi?”

Rue starts to defend herself. saying, “Mum…”

‘Yes, b*tch you know me!’ Akothee rants at daughter, shocking netizens

Akothee vs Rue BabyAkothee interrupts her saying, “I waited for you until midnight. 11:00 pm, my friend you were not in this house.”

Rue responded with a weak, “I had gone to do my hair.

Akothee did not accept the excuse saying, “At midnight? In Nairobi city? You had gone to do your hair?”

“There was a long line, mum,” Rue said.

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Rue Baby

So at midnight people are still doing their hairs? And when you sneaked in I heard you asking Versha, ‘Is mum here?’ Why were you asking if I was here? Do I have to ask for permission if I want to see you?

Rue then responded shouting, “Don’t you see my hair?”

” Continue doing your hair, until your stomach becomes big and somebody will be kicking inside. Then you will definitely know that you are doing your hair. In fact do your hair since 5 Oclock in the morning

Rue was left saying, “Really! There is evidence I was doing my hair” pointing at her head.

Akothee continued her rant saying, “I’m just wasting my school fees for nothing. Infact, you are old enough to get married.”

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