Yesterday night, Akothee together with baby daddy number 1, Jared Okello, threw a bash for their firstborn child Vesha Okello who graduated from Strathmore University.

The party was at Kempinski and the who is who was invited. The all-white themed party saw stars like Lillian Muli, MCA Tricky, Dr Ofweneke and MC Jessy among others attend.

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As the festivities were ongoing, Akothee took the mic and blasted the guest for being self-absorbed.

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She explained,

“When I am invited to an event I do what has taken me there. If it is taking photos, I walk in I get invited, I sit down I take a few photos then I put down my phone. When you start chatting with people who are not in this event you are a disgrace to yourself. I’m sorry it would have been better for you to stay outside than bringing shame to yourself.

Akothee added,

“When you look at yourself on Youtube you will realise that the whole time your head was down, people are clapping, and listening you are doing totally nothing. If you wanted to come here and take photos with them, come by yourself.”

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Here are some photos from the graduation.

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