An agitated Akothee has taken to social media to narrate why she will no longer be living with people she is not related to.

According to Akothee, some people take advantage of the fact that they are orphans to ‘suck blood and energy’ out of others.

Don’t get it twisted, she empathizes with orphans but argues that not having parents should not be a ticket to be ‘lazy and demanding’.

‘I have a big heart but a no-nonsense, I don’t pamper orphans, You can’t be singing you are an orphan at the age of 25, yet your mjulubeng is doing rounds, my friend. Does it mean if your parents were still alive you would still be depending on them?

If I take you as my child and you live with me, get ready to work your Ass off just like I do, I don’t owe you success, no pity party corner in my home, I kick my kids’ Ass too so you won’t be special!’

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Akothee, a mother of five added that she had to throw some men out of her house after they complained they were suffering.

‘Late last year, I kicked out 2 grown men from my home! I have heard a few complaints that they were suffering in my homes!

Who was suffering them yet I don’t even live in those homes. I am also suffering in the planes and hotels, running away from poverty!

They could not even clean the bedsheets or towels they used.’

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Sifting maize at her home

‘Instead, they threw them away, workers could not touch them they could not be told anything, they are Msanii.

I took them to driving schools, I haven’t seen the license until now.’

As if the complaints from her ‘visitors’ were not enough, some things started going missing pushing Akothee to start shopping for new stuff.

‘One day I came back home, my white bedding’s. Come December, I and my children hardly had towels or bedsheets to use🙊😍 , I had to shop afresh.

One of them was to shoot a music video, I asked him to go get clothes for the video from a friend of mine who sells cloths before we shot the video I fell ill and got admitted.

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Akothee hospital


He ended up using the cloths for his showbiz, and before I knew it, I was slapped with the bill before the video was shot and all the clothes already on shoshomedia.’

Like they say ‘When it rains it pours’ losing stuff was not the only loss Akothee endured, she also lost her poultry as there was no one to take care of them.

‘I arrived in my home and not even the poultry was attended too, most died and the farm was all bushy, which had food that I planted myself for them, so in peace.

I released them with a lot of pain in my heart, gave them money and ask them to leave me in peace 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾.

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I asked them to go for a media tour with the title ‘I SUFFERED IN AKOTHEES HOMES (i am willing to fund the tour, so the world can hear my other side )

NO MORE LIVING WITH PEOPLE I DONT KNOW IN MY HOMES, LET ME STICK TO MY SIBLINGS 💪💪and support those who need my support, I am not  an Angel, I am just human 🙏🏾🙏🏾.’

Like Akothee says, If you can’t respect people while at their houses kaa na mama yako!

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