Don’t get it twisted…Love is a beautiful thing!

Gospel artiste Mr.Seed has been in love for the longest time now. Even though he have never at any time introduced her, Mpasho can exclusively reveal that CEO of Sparkle Kids fashion is Mr. Seeds girlfriend.

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This girl is hot…Very Hot.

She has showcased her tender light skinned thighs to the world through her fashion sense. The lass together with the man who warms her bed – Kumbe Kumbe hitmaker have been spotted together in a manner that suggests the two are currently head over heels in love.

nimo gachuiri11

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Nimo’s photos proof that she is one lass that is blessed when it comes to the looks and more importantly her sexy body. Waah! Si Mr.Seed aliangukia!

Check out these photos of Nimo Gachuiri that proof she can get your attention;