Mellow-voiced singer Sanaipei Tande is back and, trust me, she has never looked this sexy!

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In December last year, the former KISS FM presenter became the butt of jokes after posing for a photo with Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime.

The photo which was taken at some entertainment joint along Baricho Road elicited mixed reactions from netizens.

A good number of them made fun of her saying she was “forcing” her tummy to look like it was flat yet it was not.

The main reason was that another photo she had taken while she was on stage showed her with a bulging tummy. Hapo tulicheswa ama namna gani my *frens?

Here are the photos:

Anyway, after getting trolled Sanaipei must have hit the gym hard because she’s back with a bang. No kidding!

Check out the photos below.

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