Women Fighting

Kilimani mums, mbona hampendani? The administrators of this popular Facebook group have taken their very ugly online cat fights to court.

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Magdalene Nzisa, a lawyer who started the Kilimani Mums Facebook group, has taken the co-admin Purity Nduta to court. The two has a dramatic falling out that was documented in the group. It was at this time Purity was removed as an admin of the group.

No one thought the fallout would lead to a court battle, but here we are…

Purity was informed about the lawsuit through a notice posted in the media as an advertisement.

The case will be heard on Friday at the Milimani Commercial Court.

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Here is what the advertisement read,

“Take note that a Plaint and Notice of Motion Application have been filled in the Chief Magistrate Court at Nairobi, Milimani Commercial Courts in civil suit no. 148 of 2017 in which you are named as the defendants. Service of the summons on you has been ordered by means of this advertisement. A copy of the Summons, the Notice of Motion Application and Plaint may be obtained from the court at the Chief Margistrate’s court at Nairobi, Milimani Commercial courts registry And further take notice that, unless you enter an appearance within 15 days of today’s date, the case will be heard in your absence.”

This lawsuit could just turn out to be a soap opera of sorts. On Friday, members of Kilimani Mums will be sitting on the edge of their seats watching as these two big-wigs battle it out.

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