“Aki shuma ya boss wangu ni kubwa na tamu. Huyu mama ako na bahati.”

These are not my exact words but from a domestic worker or in simple terms a house help. She was bragging to a friend in a phone conversation how her boss was well endowed down there and that it was sweet.


Ladies what would you do after finding out that your husband, partner for more than five years or even a week has been bonking your house help? Would you run away, confront them or give that husband snatcher a thorough beating?


Well, the text above has gone viral and has been a topic of discussion on various female social media groups. This has ignited mixed reactions with many condemning such and calling upon women to have respect for their bosses and some have applauded the Kikuyu woman for ‘taking care’ of her boss probably because the madam is very busy.

Househelps are said to be the main cause of separation and divorce in the country as many of them not only do what they are employed to do but go ahead to give extra services to the male bosses whenever the madams are away.

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Just like the battle between sponsors and Team Mafisi, female bosses are involved in a tough tug of war with their house helps especially those who have roving eyes. They have been reduced to watch ladies. But why do married men entertain house helps? Don’t they respect their wives?

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