Susan Wangui

Susan Wangui, the mother of 19-year-old Derick Ndung’u who was beaten to death by an angry mob has won the hearts of Kenyans. This is after she condemned her son’s actions despite losing him.

The bereaved mother in a video that has gone viral, revealed that she had warned her son from stealing but her warnings fell on deaf ears.

Wangui said she gave her son the best and after completing form four, she took him to a driving school and even asked him if she could start a business for him but he refused to work.

Nikamwambia nimuwekee duka a electronics akakataa. Nikamwambia auze makaa na aunty yake akakataa. Nikamwambia aende kazi ya mjengo akakataa akaniambia hawezi fanya kazi mzito [I also asked him to work in an electronics shop, he refused to do that as well. I told him to work to join construction work because I have people who work for me, he refused and said that it was too difficult for him],’ she said.

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She recalled one day when she called police to arrest Ndung’u after he stole someone’s phone.

Alikaaa ndani miezi tatu, nikabembelezwa na uncles na anuties zake nimtoe na nikamtoa na bond ya half a million. Venye alitoka nimwambia wacha nikuwekee kazi lakini alikataa. Kazi yake ni kuiba. Me najua ni mwizi. siwezi mtetea [He spent three months in jail and his relatives begged me to bail him out. he was relased on half a million bond. I convinced him to work but he refused. I know he was a thief, I can’t defend him]’ she narrated.


Nimeletewa cases mingi za yeye kunsatch masimu na nilimwambia asiyesikia la mamake hufa. [He used to snatch people’s phones and EVERYTIME they used to report to me theft cases he had committed and I told him the wages of sin is death].

Before his death, Ndung’u lied to his mother that he was going out to see his girlfriend only to receive a few a call that he was being beaten by a mob a few minutes later.

When I got to the scene, the boda boda riders told me that he had just stolen a phone from a woman who was selling eggs and that is what led to him being stoned. He does not live in my house. He has rented a house. He refused to live with me because he knows hat I do not tolerate his habit,” she explained.

The bold mother went ahead to warn thieves, telling that their days are numbered.

‘wale vijana wanaibia watu nawahimiza wawache na wakikataa kuwache hata hao watakufa. Fanyeni kazi na mikono yenu na muache wizi,’ she said.

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Reactions from Kenyans include;

Amatete Vincent is the type of mothers we want sio kutete mtoto akifanya makosa

Elizabeth Wanjohi We can only do what that mother has done . Pray and teach our children the right way. Beyond that, it’s Gods

Paul Okelo Umesema yote kama mzazi,ime kuondokea moyoni, Amani

Joseph Wekesa She has accepted everything she could have done.The truth has set her free.Only God will judge

Iryne Chege With her own words you can really say she is so hurt..maybe God give her peace of mind

himalayaherbs_kenya She may look strong 💪 and harsh but deep down am sure she feels dead or something only a mother understands

Daniel Ka’Njambi Thekingson That’s should Be the new spirit in this nation,, sio kuficha, what we can see,, it’s so painful to that woman, that is not the way she would like her son life to end

Christine Njoki Best mum ever…God’s peace to her

Jacqueline Limo She appears strong but deep inside she is hurting; May this be a lesson to all the youth involved in crime; It never pays

Grace Ruguru 1 In a million parent who is admitting the truth

Liz Kiarie I like this parent but it’s a sad story with a sad ending