Hessy, the vigilante, hardliner police officer who leads an operation to gun down criminals, has warned a lawyer known as Chicharito to stop bailing out criminals.

“Fighting crime in Dandora is becoming difficult because criminals who are arrested are bailed out all the time,” Hessy said in a social media warning.

Last Sunday, the officer shot dead Nairobi’s most-wanted thug, Mwanii, who was married to Nairobi’s prettiest thug, Claire Adi Vybz. She was gunned down earlier in the year.

Through social media, Hessy told Nairobi-based lawyer Chicharito to stop defending criminals.

He said since the lawyer is bailing them out, he will now be gunning them down without mercy; since arresting them is serving no purpose, as they will be bailed out anyway.

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Officers working under Hessy — a name believed to cover for several officers — are threatening Mwanii’s family to return their guns because some of Mwanii’s accomplices escaped with them. The family was told it will only get a burial permit for their son after their guns are recovered.

Mwanii and his accomplices are alleged to have shot two police officers dead in Kiambu.

Audrey Ng’eny/The Star