Webi, the guy who won the Kenyan chapter of the Akon – organized singing competition Airtel Trace Music Stars has been up to a lot lately. He recently released a song titled “Nikuskize,” which is a love song exploring what all of us can relate to.

He says that winning the competition has brought him alot of attention like never before putting him under immense pressure to give his fans more quality music. Webi identifies himself with Eric wainaina, one of the best musical acts in Africa. Eric is known around the world as a ‘truly Kenyan’ musical artiste.

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He’ll now leverage the attention he has gotten to “explore new boundaries and make use of every musical possibility.” He feels that there’s absolutely no reason why Kenyan musicians should give their audience substandard music.

His new song “Nikuskize” comes after he released another widely acclaimed song “Pamoja Milele” last year. Webi has carried on the energy from the Pan African Music competition into the studio. He previously worked at a music school, something that gave him a basis for what he does today; music as a full time job.

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Webi worked on “Nikuskize” with renowned Kenyan producer R-Kay accredited as being the producer who gets African sound the best way. The two are friends and thus they ‘synched perfectly in studio while working on the project.’ Director J Blessing worked on the video.

Watch Nikuskize below and let us know what you think.