Kenyan artiste started from the bottom and now they have established a growing legacy.

I honestly don’t know who told them, back then, that sex would sell. Most songs were so ratchet and sexual.

Now that they have established a new brand, they would definitely want you to forget some of those embarrassing songs they did:

  1. Collo – Kudinyana

I can not even emphasize this any louder. Collo was that guy who sang all the nastiest songs. He was part of the squad that introduced us to Vera Sidika through her song You Guy featuring P-unit.

When he got saved, heaven was like, “Thank God”! He is now a gospel artiste but funny enough, he is still making hits. The song Bazokizo is an everyday jam everywhere from church to the club to the streets.

This jam is one you can not even watch in the office because HR will term it as watching porn.

You be the judge:


2. Circuite- Tudinyane and Juala

Circuite Preaching
Circuite Preaching

Another sheep added to the flock. Circute is now a pastor fam!

So after he gave us the biggest jam 11 years ago, Juala, he decided we cannot be teaching such immoral thing to kids and that is how he got saved.

But before then he unleashed Tudinyane. Basically, it was a song encouraging sex. It didn’t matter who you were, you needed to be having sex. That was his main message.

Now that he is saved, I am sure he does not want to be associated with this jams. Check out one of them below:


3. Size 8- Shamba boy and vidonge

Size 8
Size 8. photo credit: instagram/size8reborn

Third sheep now part of the flock is Size 8. After she got married to DJ Mo she decided to go full on gospel.

I am sure she wants her fans to forget the single Shamba Boy with all the seductive acts.

Another track, Vidonge which is a Swahili word for “my things” was basically showcasing her goodies.


4. Marya – Hey baby


Despite the fact that she is saved, she ended her relationship with Mustafa at its worst.

Mustafa has become that ratchet guy who is now on Nairobi D so I am sure saved Marya does not want to be associated with him ever!

Check out a song they did together at the height of their romance.


5. STL- Kudinyana


Now that she is a big brand worldwide, she must be thinking why?

After all is said and done, these artistes have created another picture for themselves, you know turning a new leaf kind of thing.