Kenyan food

A group of politicians served up drama at Nakuru State House on Wednesday in a scramble for food.

The group is said to have missed their meals after the meeting of Kisii and Nyamira county leaders that President Uhuru Kenyatta addressed.

It is said they scrambled for food after they were alerted about a small remaining amount despite a long queue.

Sources say part of the delegation was looking for former Kisii Senator Chris Obure who allegedly disappeared with their money.

They claimed Obure had been given their cash for fare and lunch but that they could not find him after a few minutes.

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Meanwhile, the caterers started clearing bowls thinking everyone had been served, only for another group to go demanding food.

“When they were told the food was finished, the angry and hungry lot descended on some of the caterers who scampered for safety,” one of the sources told The Star by phone.

Others reportedly decided to dig into whatever was left in bowls without washing their hands.

Reached for comment on claims he disappeared with money, Obure said his enemies are spreading propaganda.

He accused some of the organisers of sabotaging him and tarnishing his name.

“These are just lies. Those spreading such rumors are just crazy fellows who want the whole thing to be blown out of context,” Obure told The Star on phone.

He said all the delegates were sorted out.

“I have not taken anyone’s money. In fact, as we speak, I am still in Nakuru and can confirm that all the delegates were sorted out.”

The former Senator further said reports he was given money for their entire delegation were false.

I was in charge of the delegation from Bobase constituency because the person who was initially put in charge is bereaved and could not manage the trip. This is the group I have fully sorted out as I was instructed.”

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto hosted a delegation of more than 15,000 people from the two counties.

They pledged their support for Jubilee ahead of the October 17 presidential election in which he will once again face NASA chief Raila Odinga.

At the meeting Uhuru admitted that the Supreme Court’s nullification of his victory in the August 8 general election caused him to be “really angry”.

He later said his Jubilee Party is ready for the election, unlike the Opposition, which he said keeps holding press conferences instead of campaigning.

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Source: Star/Patrick Vidija