We have seen many local celebrities wed this year, and that’s a clear indication that 2015 has been the year of love. Some people preferred to hold million dollar weddings while others stuck to smaller ceremonies and Kathy Kiuna’s daughter Vanessa was among the few.

In Case You Missed It, This Is How Kathy Kiuna’s Daughter’s Wedding Went Down (PHOTOS)

Vanessa Kiuna’s wedding was an invite-only affair, and this sparked a discussion on social media that left many mocking the JCC worshippers who had not been invited.

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This left the Kiuna’s humiliated and no one from the family shared a photo from the exclusive wedding. But a week later, Bishop Allan Kiuna who is commonly referred to as dad by his followers shared the first picture of him dancing with his newly married daughter Vanessa at the flashy wedding.

Check out the photo