Ruth Matete pregnancy

Gospel artiste and pastor Ruth Matete has for the first time revealed that she had to undergo surgery when she was 14 to remove clotted blood in her uterus.

The heavily pregnant singer, who lost her husband in April this year, said that doctors told her she might not be able to conceive.

Ruth Matete

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Sharing her battle with an imperforate hymen, a congenital disorder where a hymen without an opening completely obstructs the vagina. It is caused by a failure of the hymen to perforate during fetal development. It is most often diagnosed in adolescent girls when menstrual blood accumulates in the vagina and sometimes also in the uterus, she wrote,

I was born with this condition. I found out when I was 14 years old. I had started my periods but didn’t know. My hymen was closed so there was no through way for the blood to come out. I remember being rushed to the hospital that night. The doctor insisted I had something in my uterus and it had been there for three months..whaaat😳😳😳😳. So he insisted that I say the truth. But all I could do was cry coz of the excruciating pain I was having.  I told my aunt and doctor that I wasn’t pregnant. I had never been with a man before. The doctor then said he would check to confirm if it was what he was suspecting even though it’s rare. We checked and he confirmed it was what he suspected. My hymen was closed. He said that if we didn’t do a surgery that night, my chances of surviving were minimal. So I had to go in for an emergency surgery. The blood had been staying in my uterus all this while. Three months.
It was so painful healing from the surgery. Because unlike other wounds, my wound had to heal while open. So dressing was done every three days. Yani the pain. Oh Lord!! Anyway, I healed.  The doctor said that there could be a chance that my uterus had been messed up by the blood and it may be tricky for me to conceive. Wueh!!

She continued;

‘So I lived my life in fear wondering if I would be able to conceive. But to cut the already long story short, that was not the case. I remember sharing with some guys I dated the fact that I may not be able to give them children and that’s how the relationship ended. Hivyo ndio walikanyaga kubwa kubwa😂😂

I met my late husband and when I shared, he just asked me one question.
“Do you want children of your own?”
I said “yes”
Then he told me to tell God and believe that I’ll have children. I was so encouraged by how he didn’t see it as a big deal.  Few years of dating and we got married. Few months down the line and we conceived. Wah!! I was in tears. You know? I was believing God that He would give me children of my own. But it still was and is a miracle to me. Remembering what the doctor told me when I was 14 years old. The other day I asked Him (God) what will happen because I wanted six children. But now, the way things turned out. Anyway, He answered me like He always does. I won’t tell you what He told me… Anyway, I know I haven’t held my child in my arms yet. But the fact that I conceived, is enough reason to thank God. The fact that I came this far, it can only be God. I am here testifying of the Lord’s doing.’

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Ruth, who’s heavily pregnant with her first child, a baby boy said she was not scared of death but afraid of dying without fulfilling her purpose on earth.

One, I could have died that night. But I did not. Two, the surgery was successful and I was able to conceive.  I have decided to speak faith till I see and hold my child in my arms. So friend, if you see me celebrate this pregnancy and enjoying myself and having the time of my life, please understand. I am not boasting. I am rejoicing. Oh! Come and see what the Lord has done. I am not ignorant of the devices of the enemy. So I keep praying and speaking life till the end. The God who started this good work, shall be faithful to bring it to completion. In the name of Jesus Christ. All to the glory of His name. Please be encouraged. There is nothing God cannot do if only we trust in Him. You may not be believing God for a child, but something else..even that, He is more than able to give it to you. 

Since my husband went to be with the Lord, I realised how fickle and short life is. I probably will mourn him forever and somehow learn to live with the pain because I don’t know if the pain ever goes away. But also, I decided I will do what I can in the kingdom of God. I am not scared of death. I am scared of dying without fulfilling my purpose here on earth. When my day comes to meet my maker, I want to hear Him say, ‘well done. Good and faithful servant. You can come in” So I will keep sharing my life and serving God till then. All these I do to bring glory to God Almighty. Please keep me in your prayers even as I await the manifestation of this miracle.’

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