“Who is spreading that cheap gossip?” That was the response we got from controversial rapper Colonel Mustafa, when we reached out to him to inquire whether it was true that he had gone broke.

The rumour about him being penniless was started and spread widely on social media about a month ago, before it was made gossip news and splashed all over Kenyan blogs and tabloids. Kenyans are not suprised to once again see his name in the tabloids. We have had front tow seats to his relationships and general personal life.

Maisha Ngumu Kama Mawe! This Controversial Kenyan Rapper Is Dead Broke, You Won’t Believe How He Is Surviving (PHOTOS)

To prove his “haters” wrong, the Kupe star, who still insists that his former flame singer Marya cheated on him hence their break up, has been on “vacation” in Kampala for two weeks now, spending that mullah and showing his naysayers that he got dough to spend.

And living in his true billing as a controversial character, yesterday a video of him in bed with his girlfriend, supposedly at a hotel room somewhere in Kampala surfaced. He playfully and suggestively cuddles his woman as some music plays in the background.

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