Carol Radull

A Kenyan man identified as Timo Sem has penned a letter to Radio Queen Carol Radull, begging for her hand in marriage.

This comes a few months after he penned a romantic message to K24 presenter Anne Kiguta.

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In a letter the posted on one of the groups on social media, Timo wrote,

Dear Carol Radull, my name is Timo Sem, I am one of your greatest admirers,
Listening to you on radio, you make my life complete, you make life worth living,
I know you earn a basic salary of ksh.480,000 I earn a salary of ksh.20,000, so both of us we will be earning ksh.500,000 isn’t that great?
I hope we meet and prove it to you that am the only faithful, honest and loving man left in Kenya,
I hope this gets to you.
If interested please inbox me.

Carol Radull

The young man’s post attracted 3.3k likes, 1.2 comments and over 30 shares in one hour. heck out reactions from Kenyans

Kalasinga Muindi No man is limited! Now you know nyathiwa.

Pundit G Political I support this guy. Help him out guys .How many women hawana hata kazi and they have men earning more than the 480k?

Bil PK Are you asking Carol Radull to adopt you?

Fiona Kathure Na kazi yenu ni kusema women are after money when it’s clear that men are winning in this

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Davie Mcool wachana na crush wangu☹️☹️☹️☹️Rosie Reiherd Ruby Signs ya kwamba dunia inaisha very soon. Usiseme haukuambiwa.

Eisten Alberto Albert Radull na ukione Shem hawezi tosha niko hapa i earn 200 per day naesa kufanyia kila kitu including kukusomea.

Jonalic Mwas Manju Nmekwama Apo kwa 50000😂😂😂😂😂

Mugeci Mathenge This courage is rare….

This is the second time a random man is penning a letter to Radull on social media, expressing their love for her.

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