Khaligraph Jones

Khaligraph Jones and Otile Brown are on another level. The two have the best vocals ever and their songs are always topping the local music charts.

The two giants have released a song Hit and Run which is one of the songs in Otile’s new album Just in love and it is lit.

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Khaligraph aka OG confesses that he likes one night stands but women keep going back yet he doesn’t want to have any relationships with them. He says he ignores their calls when they call him.

Khaligraph Jones

In the lyrics, he says;

Eiii, ni mkwanja unataka
Ama mapenzi na miti
Leo ni mjanja umepata
Kwanza keti kwa kiti

Umenicheki kwa ten nikiroga
Ukajiambia nimetosha mboga
But trust me si plan kuku date
Girl I’m sorry mi nitaichapa ka nimetoka

Jana we ndo ulinihala
Ukanishow vile mi huwa nadai
Kakutowanisha vile nakufeel pia
Hawa madem si ni walaghai

But I’m one bright man
Dem akijileta ni mazishi
After one night stand
Akijaribu kunicall mi sishiki

Hawa madem wana ushenzi
As soon as you hit it they come back again
Jana ulikuwa ten over ten
Today I’m just tryna f**k with your friend

Isn’t it just fun
You gonna get your turn
Hakuna venye naeza kukupenda
Pole sana OG I Just Hit and Run.

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