They call her Zari The Boss lady. Way before Zari Hassan met Diamond, she was dating a basketballer. This was after she mercilessly dumped her violent ex-husband Ivan. Well, Zari had tattooed on herself, initials of the basketballer’s name, you ask where the tattoo is now?

Well, she has long covered the initials with a more dramatic tattoo. I bet you have seen the tattoo too, I mean, which Zari’s fans doesn’t know where her tattoos are, with all the nudity she sometimes shocks us with, it is normal for us to know how they look like. It is on her waist!

So, Zari is it true you had a basketballer’s tattoo?

“It was crazy…Yes, am very honest, i had his tattoo but its all gone…Covered now.”

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Talking to a Tanzanian TV show, the mother of 5 revealed that the besketballer was also a Big Brother contestant and after few months, things went wrong.

“I did date a basketballer and things didn’t work out. I think i really rushed it like i just left Ivan, i was kind of desperate…That was just something that happened for a while and i realized it wasn’t for me and i definitely pulled away from it”

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Evidently, she did that after she met her current eye candy and bongo flava star Diamond Platnumz. There you have it folks, lesson learnt!