A few days after singer Majirani begged for help as he was homeless, the singer has finally found a place to call home.

The former Grandpa Records artiste posted a video at in his new home saying;

“This is where I have been spending my last three days, I want to thank… for giving me this place to be sleeping. Thank you sana manze. God bless you so much,”

On a Facebook account, he wrote;

“After four days of sleeping on the street …. someone finally called and gave me a roof to shelter my body ….thank u so much Mr Simati…will forever be grateful


In a series of posts on his WhatsApp stories afew days ago, Majirani was begging fans and friends for prayers, hoping someone will rescue him before he sinks deeper into depression.

He even said he was regretting the days he spent recording music because he has not benefited from it.

Pray for me when you get time. Take a step back from your schedule, check on your friends. Depression is real. If I ever get out of this my life will be a completely new one,’ he wrote.


You will never truly understand something until it actually happens to you.

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Check out the video;

Majirani’s new home