If you thought that 28-year-old kissing Madonna would make him feel like washing his mouth 30 times, you’re dead wrong. Drake came out to address the issue in an IG post that got over 319K likes. Considering the fact that his disgusted look right after that moment made people see it as awkward and unnecessary, this comes as a shocker to many.

He actually called Madonna a queen, implying it was a pleasure making out with her. Noted Drake, noted.

These are some of his fans’ reactions:

“This is so gross”
“I know it was hard to not spit in front of the world and embarrass her lol”
“how many dollars did she give you that you say something like this drake?”
“Lmaooo whatever Drake there’s no coming back from that face you made .”
“He’s trying to be nice about it … But no hiding the fact that he almost gagged out his intestines… That’s for trying to restore some dignity to the woman but… Your reaction told the fans what they need to know”
“Put your mouth in a urinal ..why don’t cha?”
“That looked hard to swallow”

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