It’s just a few days to DNG’s divorce anniversary!!

Last year around February, the self-proclaimed East Africa’s Number One Hypeman booted his wife Yvette Nungari like a piece of sh*et!!

FINALLY! DNG Opens Up About What Led To His Divorce

Their separation was one of the most-talked about celebrity divorces of the year.

The marriage lasted a record 11 months!!!

Following his separation with the flight-attendant, DNG (real name Davidson Ngibuini) has never known peace. But it seems like he’s been taking some consolation in attending party after party where lots of booze and sexy lasses are in plenty.

My people, divorce can be stressful!!

In the last few days, DNG, who is known for his ‘sweet tooth’ for women, has been living it up big in South Africa.

Is DNG Trying To Make His Estranged Wife Jealous? Rapper Shoots Selfie Video With Unidentified Woman In His Mombasa Hotel

With him has been an anonymous light-skinned mamacita whom has been enjoying splendid moments with the former radio presenter.

DNG has been constant in updating his fans on his social media pages, with loads and loads of photos of them both ‘eating’ life, as the countdown to his divorce anniversary edges closer by the minute.

He captioned one of the pics with his hot lass:

“Once in a while, someone amazing comes along.”

See the images below, of DNG and his new catch who looks like she will ultimately replace the booted Yvette, and probably bring DNG’s haunting experiences of the sham marriage to an end!!

A few days ago, DNG went ham on Mpasho for telling an inspiring true story of former Camp Mulla member Mikey.

Maisha Ni Ngumu! Camp Mulla’s Member Now An Uber Driver (PHOTOS)

We are yet to understand why he was directing his shots at us!!!