Sauti sol
Sauti Sol with BET winner StoneBwoy at the awards

During the BET Awards night (it was night in Kenya) I was constantly on my social media anticipating to see a Sauti Sol photo from the official awards account on my news feed. Man, I waited, dozed off, woke up, made coffee, read a chapter of Richard Branson’s Like A Virgin, went back to my Facebook…but all in all; nothing!

The only thing that flooded my newsfeed was Kendric Lamar’s performance on a police car, Janet Jackson performing and the ultimate Terrence Howard Best Actor win.

Man, the only time I got to hear about African artistes was the next day when news magazines slowly started reporting Sauti Sol’s loss and the rants that followed.

Some of the top African acts nominated for this year’s BET Awards have taken to social media to express their disappointment in the way the African category of the awards are handled. This year’s award went to Starbwoy from Ghana, who dedicated the award to his country.

1. Yemi Alade


Yemi Alade is one of the best African female artistes right now and she was clearly not impressed by the way African artistes are treated at the BET Awards. She took to social media to call out the awards organizers for having publicly humiliated big African artistes. Yemi didn’t even hype the event on her social media. She noted that the African nominees were awarded hours before the main event.

2. Fuse ODG


The “Million Pound Girl” singer boldly said that he didn’t even bother to attend the awards because they allegedly don’t value African artistes; they merely give them awards backstage. He shared the tweet above with his fans, who heavily responded in support. A video message would have been much better.

3. Dencia


Dencia caused a social media buzz because of the outfit she chose to rock at the BET red carpet. The “African Energy” told her fans that they should focus their attention on the fact that the BET Awards for Africans are issued backstage and not during the main event.

“While u were worried about my outfit?your faves were waiting to give a speech in front of empty chairs with pictures at an award show made for black people. I wish y’all will be telling BET to fix that. Two years ago i spoke about that I was called a hater..FYI awards don’t come with money & awards don’t mean anyone is better than anyone (After all I have seen amazing artists get beat by not so good artists) so while u worried about me getting an award I am worried about where I’m gonna drive my Rolls Royce wraith to but for those of you who care I think African artists should be treated equally (like the American artists) how are you bringing cultures together if u aren’t putting them together officially? If the Oscars did the same thing all I’ll hear is take ur remaining data and help ur brethren (when they show u the awards in Africa it is edited to look like it was given in front of everyone)”

All in all, I agree with Fuse ODG and the other artistes. Africans should not even bother with BET Awards at all because they do not appreciate but underrate our music!