They say women are their own worst enemies. A sentiment shared by many. A Kenyan woman has been viciously attacked on social media after she trivialized gospel singer Nicah the Queen’s domestic violence post. The Pagawisha singer has been the talk of the town after she posted a photo claiming that her husband, popular comedian Dr. Ofweneke is an abusive man and that’s the reason why she parted ways with him.

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This has become a hotly debatable topic online but as many are condemning this act, one woman by the name Diana Mumbe is busy bashing Nicah. She is pestering Nicah to reveal the reason why she was beaten by her hubby and not to just post a photo.

Diana’s friend seconded her claiming that Nicah’s photo was from two years ago and that she was just and attention seeker.


But this did not go well with Kenyans on social media, see what they had to say;

“Diana Mumbe what did you just ask? Jeez you are a sick woman in the head. No one deserves to beat any woman’s daughter/son. May God forgive you.”

“Diana Mumbe can’t believe you just said this and you’re a woman”

“Diana Mumbe are u serious?”

“Diana Mumbe you’re so dumb, no on has a right to put his/her fingers on someone regardless of what they did.”

“Diana Mumbe damn 2017 and a woman still asking what a fellow woman did to deserve a beating? I swear there are a bunch of dumb people on gram, 2017? You still reason like some women born in 1920?”

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Here is Diana Mumbe. It seems like she is pals with Dr Ofweneke. So she is just having her boy’s back.

diana mumbe1

Women do you really have to do this to a fellow woman?