Lillian Muli

Women are their own worst enemies so goes the adage. They are full of jealousy, envy, bitterness, will never want to see you prosper and Citizen TV’s Lilian Muli has come out to prove this.

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There are a few women out here who are true and it’s rare to find such. Women are supposed to empower each other but they destroy one another and this is common in any women’s setting. If you are not ridiculed for being poor or marrying the wrong man who batters you, they will be busy discouraging you from achieving your goals. But why?

Lilian Muli has finally revealed that alpha females just like her don’t run in packs. They don’t have to keep many fake friends who mean nothing in their life.

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Lillian would rather ride solo than have a million fakes around her.

Lillian Muli

“I have found so much peace in riding solo some of these heifers don’t even wish you well just so you know,” she posted.

Lillian Muli’s remarks saw many support this and here are some of the comments;

Njoroge: That’s so true. I love my own company. I hate when someone always wants to tag me along…am always like “Am I your shadow or Walking stick”. Peace is found in being SOLO

Penny: They snitch and bitch, you seat and wonder whether one has some conscious left

Liz: A doubtful friend is worse than a certain enemy. Always learn to listen beyond the words

Terry: You get much peace and you grow younger everyday