It is very hard to mention the names Willy Paul and Bahati without the words ‘controversial’ or ‘earthly music’ or ‘scandalous’ coming up. And guess what? These two seems to have been fooling fans that they are friends…For your information they are nothing close to being brothers, perhaps frenemies.

New proof has surfaced that shows these two ‘kids’ have not been on good terms and have fallen out…again.

Here we go;

Willy Paul’s Post

Recently, Pozze, the Tiga Wana master responded to Dj Creme de la Creme’s post where he and Pozze were seen in studio working towards a new club hit. Pozze wrote what many knew was directed to Mtoto wa mama. Bahati is associated with emotional songs and thus his post was directly throwing shade at him.

Check it out;

willy paul

“Watalia hawa watu wa kulialia”

Bahati Calls Willy Paul A Female On A Live Interview

In an interview with Mpasho, Baba Morgan (Bahati) called Willy Paul his sister. Note; It was on a light note but maybe he wanted to show the world how diva-ish Pozze was. Kwani ako na umama? Just asking!

Bahati said;

“He is my favourite sister…i love her…”

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Competing On Who Has The Hot Babe

Although she is sexy, lets not just forget the fact that Bahati is dating an older woman. There is that cliché that says age is just a number, only love matters. But hey! 23 years and 29 years is no joke.Well, It seems after Baha introduced his future baby mama, Willy also got hold of a yellow yellow lass to compete with Bahati’s video vixen and attention seeker Diana Marua. And by now you must know Pozze and Alaine ain’t a thing. Bring the drama on broda!

Weezdom Is At The Center Of it

Weezdom is an upcoming gospel artist and was the first one to be signed under Bahati’s EMB record label. The two were rumoured to have fallen out and Weezdom signed out. Thats not the point. According to Weezdom, Bahati deleted his video on EMB youtube channel after he saw Weezdom in Willy Paul’s latest video “I Do.” Isnt this drama hotter than the Kardashian’s?

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Competing Everyday, Any day

Forget the fact that he steals Diamond Platnumz’s style of dressing, Pozze seems to be stealing the fans’ attention from Bahati. I mean, he never lets Mtoto wa Mama breath. Willy Paul,has formed a trend of always releasing a song immediately after Baha does it. Could this be a strategy? Talking exclusively to Bahati, the Maria hit maker revealed that he was glad he has been inspiring Pozze to copy him.

Isn’t this drama enough to make a trending reality show?