With new celebrities being created every new day in our showbiz and public scenes many are they that quickly shed off all signs of initial humility and turn into arrogant snobs.

Well, you will agree with me that very few of our celebrities have remained humble; the likes of Bahati, Carol Radull, Nameless are just the few names I can think off. Most of them are snobs who ignore their fans, including the die hard ones who camp outside studios, hotels, restaurants, banks and clubs patiently hoping to a catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrities.

To them, all this fans want is money, which is not always true.

Apparently, These Are The Most Arrogant Kenyan Celebrities

After my colleague Kwarula did an article on the most humble and arrogant Kenyan celebrities, I came up with a list of the snobbish celebrities in Kenyan showbiz. Go through the list and leave a comment.

1. Judith Nyambura aka Avril

The songbird admitted to have intentionally ignored a request for a meeting with one of the famous ladies around. Through her Instagram account, this is what Avril wrote.

2. Willy Paul

The scandalous gospel singer who also appeared in the list of most arrogant, has no time for his fans. many are they who have tried to say hi to the musician and were left hanging.

3. Ringtone Apoko

The controversial gospel artiste can never miss on this list. Recently he was accused of hitting someone with his car and then driving off without even a simple apology.