The internet is one of the fastest ways of learning new things or rather being up to date with what is going on globally.

Last month, the internet went crazy after a guy who goes by the name Nusr-et on Instagram trended with the #saltbae.


He is best known for being an expert with meat and sprinkling salt in the most divine way. He became an Internet sensation for simply sprinkling salt on slices of meat.

So, a month later, there was a new hashtag, #HurtBae. A video has been going viral of two exes, Kourtney and Leonard. They came together to talk about how infidelity impacted their relationship with Kourtney wanting to know why Leonard cheated on her.

Well, Adelle and Shaffie had a discussion about the video during The Morning Kiss. They were basically assessing the situation, with Adelle shocked when Kourtney remembers how she found Leonard in his house with another lady and Leonard asked her to leave.


Shaffie on the other hand, gave his opinion on the aftermath and what he would do.

Listen to the full conversation below;