Adelle Onyango is undoubtedly one of the coolest radio personalities in the country. The presenter cum poet is bubbly by personality but when you get to know her closely, she’s a focused girl who’s got her eyes on what she loves; radio. I talked to her on her style, vision and her immediate future prospects and here is what she had to say!

Me: How do you describe your style?
Adelle: Unpredictable.

Me: Where do you shop for your wardrobe and what are some of the things you consider before taking an outfit home?
Adelle: I shop anywhere and as long as it fits I’m good to go.

Me: What your favorite product for your facial look?
Adelle: I actually try to steam my face every week with different herbal mixtures.

Me: What’s the most outrageous comment have you ever heard about your look?
Adelle: I look like I have no morals.

Me: You’re such a fun and outgoing person; and pretty funny.  How do you stay bubbly despite life hurdles and work stress?
Adelle: I have no idea and no it’s not drugs! Well I think I just surround myself with positive people – my inner circle is made of amazing souls who feed me that energy.

Me: What’s that one style thing that you can never do?
Adelle: I’m weird enough to try anything actually.

Me: Many young people look up to you out there. I personally love your zeal; you’re cool and easy to identify with. You’re knowledgeable and always warm to talk to. What do you have to say to them?

Adelle: Find yourself – Define yourself – and be that person FEARLESSLY!

Me: Where do you see yourself in the future as far as your career is concerned?
Adelle: Happy. I hope to be happy – that’s all.

Me: Finally, what do you think the Kenyan youth are doing wrong with their talents such that their music, fashion designs, dance skills and other art stuff isn’t as successful as it should probably be?

Adelle: They’re listening to everyone who’s telling them they can’t be successful at these unconventional jobs when really they can!

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