Actress Serah Teshna is know for starring in various TV drama series and has also made her name as a TV host for various lifestyle news shows.

A while back she got tongues wagging after she starred in a skit with the godfather of comedy Churchill for one of his popular stand up live shows dubbed Laugh Festival.

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Serah has now left tongues wagging after talking about her unborn child.

“To my unborn child, this is for you. Heart suit Grateful 🙏🏾. (No, I’m not pregnant Rolling on the floor laughing).”

She also shared other photos on her Instagram stories.

Saying, “Amazing seeing women investing in their future. #GirlsWithTitleDeeds”

She added,

  1. “Celebrate every win no matter how small. Thank you Lord.”

It seems like Serah has purchased a piece of land and is planning to build a mansion for herself and her future generation.

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In the past she has shown off her mjengo by posting the following photos.

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