Social media can obliterate you in the blink of an eye.

The latest victim to get eviscerated is Dominic Bett a.k.a Kipps Bett as he is known on social media.

The poor fellow is being accused of being a mwizi wa nunu. That is a popular term used to describe men who are smooth and talk the panties off women. Yaani, they make women’s panties drop like a tonne of bricks due to the sweet words they whisper in their ears.

Anyhow, a woman has come out to claim he used her and took her money. His cousin, singer and actress Barbara Chepkoech Adams has used a screenshot of these unconfirmed allegations to claim that her cousin conned her too. No, he did not con her nunu. But rather conned her of her hard earned cash.

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According to Barbara, Dominic lied to her and her family that he would get them a title deed for their father’s land but instead he took off with a cool 600k. Never to be heard from again.

Lashing out at the cousin, Barbara wrote,

“Karma ???????????????????????? this is my ex-cousin I denounce him as my relative remember when I called out a relative that ni ostrich imeparara there he goes constipated he-goat you are cursed mongoose with rabies. Dominic how dare you steal from someone mlitembea miguu tupu naye? Idiotic baboon.”


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After she posted these allegations, she got blasted online.

To defend herself she wrote, “Well family can f*ck you up big time
Dominic well you useless excuse of human flesh may each dime you have stolen from hard working people bite you literally Just because people are in the states does not give people a right to steal and con them.

Am getting inboxes asking me to stop tarnishing this he-goat s name . Which name? His mum and my dad are siblings from the same womb not adopted. We went to kaparuso barefoot then he cons his own cousin …. shameless hairless orangutan. Thornless cactus. Cleopatras doormat. Constipated rat. Mwizi fake watu wanaiba pesa za serikali unaibia mamawadodo let me see a comment you are too much mhhhhh woi let me rant . Cursed forever imagine I had just had my babies when this thing who is my blood cousin his mum and my dad are siblings stole from me. Woi woi woi the slap life will give you!!!!! Hehehe utaparara na uokote makaratasi. Ngoktab arek.”

Check out reactions from onliners.

Alex Matalambut Keles No different with those harlots targeting rich men

Barbara Chepkoech Adams Atleast they tell you ni ku*a wanauza ????

Ñöniöt Möńnïe Nunu huconiwa aje????????????by the time unatoa thuluali…si hapo watu wameagree????????????????????????

Josephine Cherop And he has disappeared from FB…I tried checking on his status now and cannot be found now.Pole to those who became his bait.

Teur Arlene I missed this.But all in all he started way back in primary lol ????. Shame on him

Tsimuli S Sylvester That statement is self contradictory. From experience, wash wash and drug dealers are very expensive and rich .. This lady is a jilted lover from the look of things…

Lynn Davids Cheza ni Kama umepigwa radi…..Uuuuuwiiiii sitimet

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