If you have ever wanted to drive a car now is your chance. And the best thing is, it shan’t cost you a cent! Well, that is ofcourse, after you’ve bought yourself a brand new Lumia ofcourse.You see, the good folk at Lumia have come up with a rather decent offer for you. Get yourself kitted out with one of their new wicked gizmos and get the chance to win a Chevy.

But it’s not just any phone you will be getting, like I pointed out earlier it will be a top of the line, cool phone that not only allows you to do the mundane functions any phone can, but boasts the following features:


Main device USP remains the same:



  1. Office 365 – free license with Lumia 640XL that allows you to use O365 on a phone, tablet and a PC – no need to use cracked or bootleg Microsoft anymore.
  2. 60 minute free skype calls – although you can call over Skype on the internet for free, Skype also allows you to call devices for people who may not be registered on Skype or not online directly using their phone number. On purchase of this device you get 60 minute free talk time to do just that. This comes as an add on to the Office 365 offer that’s on Lumia 640XL
  3. Battery Life – smartphone is NOT synonymous with walking around with a charger, Microsoft processors work in such a way that they do not drain your battery life
  4. Syncing – we all use Windows either at home or at the office, so when you use a Lumia, all your changes/updates to documents are automatically synched across devices, laptop and the Cloud . All your documents, meetings e.t.c. are updated automatically once you make changes on either platform.
  5. Wide Angle Front Facing Camera – this means that you can get more out of your selfies without having to pay extra for a selfie stick (people in Indonesia fitted over 500 people into one photo!).
  6. Price – 640 XL 23,000. However the Lumia range pricing is from Ksh 9,999 – 60,000

And just how much do the selected phones retail at? Well…

Lumia 430 – 8,000/-
Lumia 435 – 9,500/-
Lumia 532 – 10,300/-
Lumia 535 – 14,000/-


Buy any of these devices and follow the steps below to win a Chevy worth 3.8mil, only 2 left to go!! Competition ends 7th July.

  • Buy any Lumia device, Text your IMEI number to 22860.
  • And that’s it! You are registered and stand to win Lumia devices and one of 5 Chevy Cruzes’!

To get your IMEI number , dial *#06#