The stylish Achieng

Kenyans were amazed last week by a Kenyan guest, Achieng Agutu who appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show. She had a lot to tell the American host with some of her claims arousing suspicion.


Some eager Kenyans have gone around sleuthing and found out that Achieng, (who told the host that she had struggled in life), might have gone to a great and super expensive school only Kenya’s elite can afford to send their children to.

Achieng walking on the streets of Manhattan

According to her LinkedIn page, Achieng attended Braeburn International School between 2009 and 2012. The annual tuition fee for Braeburn is Sh1,718,400 for a senior student.

Her Linkedin profile


If one adds incidentals for lunch, transport, student boarding the fees can pass the Ksh. 2.5 million mark! So unless Achieng attended Braeburn on a scholarship, then her family must be doing better than most Kenyan families.

The stylish Achieng


During her interview, Achieng told Ellen that she had learned English by watching her show! Not only that! She also described her struggle getting educated telling the show host:

I moved here (to the U.S) about five years ago for higher education and it’s been amazing but it’s also been really hard for my family back in Kenya. They have honestly done every single thing from selling land to taking loans to be able to pay my school fees and make sure that I am comfortable.

Achieng in Bali

Achieng narrated to Ellen how she has been struggling to survive in the US. She said that in addition to a full-time job, she also has several part-time jobs; among them being a babysitter, house cleaner, Uber driver and English teacher.

On holiday

From her pics on her Instagram page, one can tell that travel is a big part of her life. Fancy places like Machu Pichu, Bali and Tulum in Mexico are listed among the places she has visited. A good life for one who has had to work 7 jobs!

Achieng Agutu at Machu Pichu

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