Weezdom and Quinter
Weezdom and Quinter

Kenyan gospel artiste Weezdom has been advised to ditch gospel music and do secular instead of hiding behind the ‘gospel’ title, yet his actions don’t match the beliefs.

Weezdom allegedly went to bed with his video vixen and gave her multiple orgasms and an “infection”.

Leaked audio! Gospel star Weezdom infects video vixen with an STI (screenshots)

Gospel artiste Weezdom

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho Quinter765 said

‘He told me that their is nothing I could do to him after all he is Weezdom.

He even bragged that he would give me bloggers number if I wanted them.’

Despite the fact that Weezdom was in a position to help her seek medical help he only helped a little.

‘He only gave me ksh 2000 yet the medication I needed cost me ksh 6000.’

Quinter said that despite the risks that come with unprotected [email protected] she had given in because she trusted her man.

‘I had raw [email protected] with him because I trusted him and we were dating.

I had to go for two injections per day and I was in real pain.’

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Quinter’s advice to Weezdom is,

‘I want to tell him, achana na gospel bro and to stop ruining the lives of girls out there.

He just wants to trend using other people’s names.’

Listen to their private exchange that was leaked…

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