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Prayer parter – a word coined by gospel singer Kevin Bahati while introducing his significant other Diana Marua – seems to be the in-thing in Kenya right now.

Social media users decided to follow in the footsteps of the ‘Mama’ hitmaker and they have been unveiling different women and all manner of things as their prayer partners.

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Local celebrities have not been left behind as we have seen the likes of L Jay Maasai, Brian Kyallo and Willy Paul introducing the women who pray with them in the last few days.

The latest celebrity to jump on the bandwagon is  none other than NTV’s Larry Madowo but there is big one problem, his so-called prayer partner is already taken.

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A few hours ago, the news anchor posted a photo on Facebook with Jamaican reggae singer Alaine Laughton.

With a light touch, Madowo described her as his prayer partner in his post but this didn’t go down with a handful of netizens, some called him out for ‘snatching’ Willy Paul’s wife.

This is what he posted:

And here are some of the reactions from his fans:

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