Benson Gatu posing infront of his house

Interesting PR strategy this!

What we know about Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko’s eldest daughter Saumu Mbuvi’s relationship with Ben Gatu, we gleaned off social media. Aye, the couple were the type to post everything on social media; from their happiest moments to innocuous PDA to their nasty break up.

At the time of the break up, Ben Gatu, an upstart no one had heard off but who is seemingly leading an opulent lifestyle was accused of not only cheating on Saumu Mbuvi but of also physically abusing her. Claims that if true prove that self preservation isn’t a naturally occurring instinct.

ALIFUKUZWA! Sonko Publicly Discloses Why His Daughter And Her Boyfriend Benson Gatu Parted Ways

Saumu Mbuvi who vacated their “matrimonial home” was heavily pregnant with the couple’s only child. When the accusation was levelled against him, Ben Gatu chose to remain silent. And trust that the female population ran with the newly acquired reputation of his -that of wife batterer.

HAIYAA! Heavily Pregnant Saumu Mbuvi Sparks SEPARATION Rumors With Boyfriend Benson Gatu

He recently had the opportunity to clear the air on that when he spoke to Heads Up and all he had to say was:

“I did not abuse Saumu.”

And even upon further proding, all he could manage was:

“I don’t want to discuss my private life in public.”

This is a really strange PR strategy. Letting things get to a point where no one ccares for what you have to say anymore then coming out to issue your gospel truth…