Everything has its suitable time, and so does sex. After reading this article, you’ll get to know the best time to have sex with your partner. 

Alisa Vitti, a hormone expert and author of “WomanCode,” believes she has accurately pinpointed the exact best time to have sex every day.

And apparently it’s 3 pm, and it’s all due to hormones.

Men are more interested in initiating sex during this window and are more capable of a better sexual response.

Vitti added that because men’s testosterone levels decrease during this time and oestrogen levels rise, men are actually more “emotionally present during sex and better able to focus on (a woman’s) needs and satisfaction.”

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To get even more specific, Vitti also noted the best days of the month to have sex are the 10 days after ovulation, when “women experience a surge in oestrogen and testosterone that causes their desire to skyrocket.”

If, however, you’re looking to make a baby out of this freaky time, the best time to get it on is actually first thing in the morning when men’s testosterone is at its peak and both partners are fully rested. And for an added bonus, the length of foreplay statistically doubles in the morning.

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