Fena Gitu is giving us hit after hit.

She has been doing tours all over Kenya to promote her songs and so far so good. She is a major reason most have come to appreciate Kenyan music.

Fena’s private life is exactly that; private.

The other day in an interview with Mpasho she said that she would chop her dreads off if she were paid 300 million. A picture surfaced of her in shorter hair and we knew she is 300 million Kenya shillings richer!

This year’s fathers day gave us a lot of emotional posts from our celebrities. Fena in her state of thought opened up to the public about her father.

From the caption we can tell alot:

To absentee fathers who ain’t shit. And now you’re the shit

Clearly, Fena has heavy daddy issues.
As of now, she is one of the biggest Kenyan female artistes we have. Her father seems to have not participated much in her life. Her caption strongly implies the term ‘absentee’ is one she would associate with her father.

300 million for the account! Fena Gitu chops her dreadlocks (Photo evidence)

She went on to explain in a video that she was going through a hard time on the night in question as she is on a musical break. Those are the times when her mind wanders and she begins thinking about the worst aspects of her life. The other contributing factor was the fact that it was Father’s Day and everyone had something good and mushy to say about their fathers.

ooh my loves thankyou. some of you wishing to be my daddy’s, some of y’all wishing some of you wishing to share their daddy’s. I fell the love. Me and my daddy issues jana caught a good cup

Fena confessed to having daddy issues but what exactly does that mean? Well, Daddy issues is a pejorative term for a lot of social, psychological or behavioral issues that may or may not stem from an unhealthy relationship with one’s father. It’s usually used to marginalize issues women are having, though to be honest men are perfectly capable of having daddy issues too.

Watch the video of her talking about her daddy issues below:

Fena opens up about her daddy issues

Fena opens up about her daddy issues

Posted by Mpasho News on Monday, June 18, 2018

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