They say you can meet the love of your life in a bar, church or at a bus stop. * Nelly met him as she was at an abortion clinic.

Yes you read that right. The problem is that every time Nelly gets pregnant, he takes her for an abortion and she feels he is using her past to judge her.

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Narrating her sad ordeal on a social media platform, she says

” I met him on my way to go and do abortion, because he was so nice I opened up to him, told him everything and he loved me for me.

I wanted him to taste my body before I take out the pregnancy so we had S#x in the car that same day.

After s#x he drove me to the place I did the abortion and even paid and bought me drugs . 

Since then we have been dating and he is so sweet .’

Nelly further added

‘He does everything for me but I am scared he might not marry me I am scared.

 anytime we get intimate and I tell him I am pregnant, he will just drive me straight to where he met me and pay for the abortion

He even collected the docs number, I have 3 of his pregnancies since we met and I feel that he is judging me with my past .

Do you think he will marry me or should I ask just  him?”

What would be your advise to her?