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Kenyan women have come to defend themselves after a study proved that 64.4 per cent of the patients who seek post-abortion care are married women.

The study was carried out by African Population and Health Research Centre (APHRC).

Speaking during a debate on Classic 105 one fan said

‘we no longer have married women in Nairobi, Mwalimu please stop asking if the husbands of these women know kwani walijipea hizo mimba?

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*Dr Ken from Eldoret stated that the statistics are true.

‘I am a doctor from Eldoret, we pass through hell.

Yesterday a married woman and her husband visited me (45 years) she has 7 kids they wanted to carry out an abortion on what would have been their 8th child.

She was five months pregnant. I asked them what they were waiting for. I told them to go talk first.

‘I took my ex to a clinic to carry out an abortion,’ Andrew Kibe


In a month I get 10-15 women who want an abortion, out of those 15 women 10 are married and they tag along their husbands.

Do not blame women because men are the ones who push them to do it.That article is true, most women they must remove them to save their marriages.’

A shocked fan posed

‘I am shocked how can a married woman abort? whose pregnancy are they getting rid off.’

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One male fan was however quick to advise women.

‘As a woman give birth to the number of kids you can take care of alone. Most married women are starving on ‘Twa Twa Twa.’ 

So when they cheat and get preganant the only option they have is abortion,ndio wasijulikane.’

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