Samuel Abisai is best known to many for winning a Ksh 221 million jackpot has talked about how tough life was for him while growing up.

According to Abisai were it not for well-wishers and sponsors who educated him, he would not be where he is today.

‘I used to earn 3K on my first job at Ghetto radio,’ Mbusi opens up

This was because at the time his dad was also battling alcoholism. Speaking during an interview on Churchill he says,

‘The relationship between me and my dad was not good growing up as he had a problem with alcohol.

He was an alcoholic.

We would be called to go carry him as he was too drunk to go home.

So bad were things that I first wore my first shoes in class seven, I also slept on a mattress  for the first time after primary school.

My dad was never present, he would wake up at 4:am and come back late at night when we were already asleep.

I only bonded with him later in life when I was almost clearing high school. The positive thing about him is that he was very hard working.

He has since changed and mended his ways.’

On his relationship with his mother, Abisai said his mother has taught him so much about perseverance.

Adding that one instance remains edged in his mind forever.

‘There is a day we had a visiting day in school and I did not expect to be visited.

I also could not call home as my mum had no phone.

While other students were busy eating from the boots of their cars, I saw my mum carrying a paper bag and in slippers looking very dusty.

I was very embarrassed at the time given I was still a teenager.’

Abisai added,

‘My first thought was on not going to meet her as I was afraid of how other students would treat me after that.

But I saw the love and realized that he was a fighter.

He encouraged me not to give up was that if I worked hard enough I would be able to drive cars such as the one the other students were being visited in.’

True to his mother’s words Abisai today is a man who can afford any car he wants.

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