Singer Sanaipei Tande and actor Abel Mutua have never met. But the singer helped the actor make a living when the whole country was in lockdown due to the coronavirus.
Well, Mutua’s wife, Judy Nyawira asked him to tell stories on Youtube so they agreed to start their ‘Wakurugenzi’ project with the story of how Mutua was crushing on Sanaipei Tande, and if it didn’t work out they vowed to stop.

A year later, Mutua has told tens of stories to his fans and is celebrating the one year anniversary since he started his booming Youtube channel

“…..So I picked 2 stools. One to sit on and the other one for the camera (We used to prop it with dictionaries and text books). I had a 2 man crew that consisted Of my girls (Bi. Mkuru and Kakuru). Off we went to the beautiful greenery near the National Gun Owners shooting range at Kirigiti. We set up quickly, I sat on the stool and proceeded to tell the story of my humongous crush on @sanaipei.tande. (Believe it or not, one year down the line we still have never met.” he narrated

Mutua says Sanaipei story changed his life

“. Needless to say, the story blew up and I was on that stool every week for months. We formed a movement that is The Wakurugenzis. We made life bearable for people who were on the verge of losing it”

He is now working with over ten people behind the scenes;

All armed with a supportive family, a phone, a stool and a set of storytelling skills. Now we are a crew of 11 breathing souls and Hundreds of Thousands of Wakurugenzis. I couldn’t ask for a better squad. Nyinyi ni watu wa nguvu sana Wakurugenzi. God bless you for your undying support. You guys literally Executive Produce my content. Hakuna kama nyinyi. With you guys around najua mbali ndio tunaenda. Happy Anniversary to us!!!! Nawatambua sana Wadau. Peace!!!!

Mutua and his wife are blessed with a daughter.

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