Celebrated actor and scriptwriter Abel Mutua recently revealed how his biological father ditched his mother for siring his younger brother.

Abel Mutua
Abel Mceeing

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Speaking during an interview on Radio Jambo, Abel said his dad left him and his mother for another woman because he did not want a large family.

He left us when I was only five years old. He went and married another woman, who had one kid, and did not sire any other kid with her.

Abel Mutua
Abel on the mic

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When asked if he has ever been in contact with his father, he said that he has met him only once in his lifetime.

I met him in 2013, and I am the one who told him our mum died. I felt for sure he was never in my life.

Abel added that her mum remarried again when he was 14 and was raised by her step-dad, who managed to fill his dad’s shoes.

I was raised by a step-father who came in with his five children and my mother had two, and later my mother gave birth to one child. He was and is still a great person in our lives

Abel Mutua
Abel and his wife

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The talented actor added that he’s only been in a relationship once. It was during his final year in college when he met the woman of his dreams.

Judy Nyawira became his wife soon after he impregnated her while she was still in college.

The birth of our daughter traumatised us so much because we were not doing well then, and that is why we have not had a second child yet,

The talented content creator is the brains behind local TV series such as: ‘Real House-helps of Kawangware’, Sue&Johnnie,’Tahidi high’ and ‘Mother-in-law’.