Abel Mutua
Abel Mutua sitting comfy

Abel Mutua is one of the most accomplished Kenyans in the sphere of entertainment. The award-winning actor and scriptwriter was recently interviewed by Massawe Jappani on her show Itakuwaje, on Radio Jambo.

Abel Mutua
With his wife

He had some interesting revelations. He disclosed that he had nearly lost his life, back in 2012. The father of one told Massawe:

I was script writing for two shows non-stop and had to create content for Tahidi High and Mother in Law shows which used to run every Tuesday and Sunday, respectively.

Abel Mutua
His ten-year challenge

He added:

So since I was pushing myself too hard, one afternoon in August, 2012 after a 46-hour writing stint, I locked my laptop after sending my script and I was to take a quick shower before resting. I collapsed in the shower for forty minutes and the house girl had to call for help since my wife was at work.

Abel Mutua
Abel on the mic

At the hospital, the nurse told him that he had to re-evaluate the way he was working. The nurse told him he had to prioritise his health, ending up with him making the decision for him to quit his job as a scriptwriter. He explained:

I was hospitalised for two days due to fatigue. Before I was discharged the nurse gave me a wake up call. She told me Abel, I know in your mind you think your colleagues won’t go on without you. The truth is you will collapse and die and after you are gone, the show will still go on and what will happen, people will just post their condolence messages and that’s it.

Abel Mutua
Abel Mutua and his wife Judy Nyawira

Those words caused him to gave an epiphany and thus he quit:

Those words hurt me to the core and the next thing I did was tender my resignation.

Abel Mutua
Abel smiling

Did he make the right choice? He is alive and well, isn’t he?

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