Bobby Mapesa has finally come back to the light after a long time and the ladies are quite grateful. Well known for his hit songs ‘Stima Zimecome’ and ‘Wezere’, the musician has a girl fantasizing sexually about him.

Elizabeth Irungu came out in the public to confess her need for Bobby Mapesa in bed.

She wrote on Facebook :

My fantasy ni kubinjwa na Bobby Mapesa ??? #hides #runs  _away!!!! Now u know!                  

I don’t know why but since high school i always imagined it! Maybe ni vile he is such a bad boy! I donno! Alafu pia i love dark-skinned guys ?

“Kwanza make list ya watu washa ku-feast,naskia ushachafua mpka kwetu East kwa mabeast” ? KENYA’S BIGGEST RAP LINE RIGHT THERE! Rispek! ? Bobby mambo yoteeee si ati nini ???


During a phone call interview with Bobby, he said he does not know her and that he doesn’t mind such ‘fans’ because it shows he is doing a good job that’s why he has groupies.

The question on whether he has a girlfriend got him confused and his answer was that he really doesn’t know. Yani ako katikati.

Elizabeth Irungu is a well known former KBC presenter and a social media influencer who had said in an interview with Mpasho and said she is a virgin. She probably wants Bobby to hit it first!

Meet Elizabeth the girl who wants to Mapesa’s Cassava:

Elizabeth Irungu

Elizabeth Irungu

Elizabeth Irungu

Listen to the audio below: