Huddah Monroe has been trolled badly for making remarks about women. In a series of posts, she attacked plus-size American rapper Lizzo from Minneapolis, claiming she was promoting obesity.

She shared a photo of Lizzo and captioned it,

No body shaming. I know I post a lot of semi-nude photos myself but I don’t think we should promote obesity and say that she’s confident. Call a spade a spade and not a big spoon.

Huddah Monroe

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In another post, she wrote,

Why is it okay to shame skinny women. Call them skinny. Lacking meat? When a fat woman is fat she can’t be called fat coz that that will be termed as body shaming? They say she is confident in her own skin and call her thick. B***h is fat! A whole elephant. Let’s just stop lying to these women. And promote healthy living.

Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe


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This didn’t go well with a section of women across social media, who came out guns blazing savagely responding to the controversial socialite. Some referred to her as a walking fake plastic.

For those who didn’t know, Huddah admitted to having done a boob job and at one point she nearly died after a botched surgery.

In 2017, she was forced to travel to Beverly Hill, California for surgery after developing complications from previous surgery.

I could’ve died but I’m well now,’ she shared on social media back then.

Below are comments from women online

Irene Gori Zawadi Does she know why her body is as so? There could be an existing condition… Waaah this is heartbreaking…. I believe every woman is beautiful… Awe mkonde, awe mnono… If you don’t have anything nice to say just be quite and mind your own

Lorraine Benson  A walking plastic body shaming someone who’s natural. She forgets she’s got fake boobs and fillers all over. She should take several seats,

Samuel Mbao I sense a lot of bile from huddah.. My personal type of woman is thick and it will always be that.. I really don’t see anything wrong with Lizzo, pics.. She is serving us thick lovers what Huddah serves her skinny lovers.

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Kilokya Triza Kaindi A wise woman chooses her battles wisely, but of course, we all know how daft you are, brand new second hand.

Heidi Mumia You can promote healthy living without calling her names. Nothing positive can come out of your remarks if you start by addressing her as elephant

Faith Carden  It’s a good thing she doesn’t live in America or UK coz she would be facing a lawsuit as we speak.!!!

Judie Nyakundi I wonder why Huddah is taking panadols for someone’s headache,who told her thick wants to be thin,her bile is boiling for nothing.We ai’nt buying slimming tea from her😂seems that biz has gone down.

Luckie Sandrah 1.Lizo is beautiful and no plastic surgery on her unlike you with Silicon boobs .
2.Huddah….we know you use effects on your pictures to make you look more curvy…in reality you are something less😂…kataa tulete evidence😂
3.Mind your own business

Stephanie Mukabi How can she even put herself in Lizzo’s league? What awards has huddah won? How can she even dare try. …bitch please…tafutana na akina amberay, lizzo is wayyyy beyond your league. Shenzi

Daisy Nderi I hope Lizzo claps back at this shit coz she will make Huddah have several seats

Jannet Ayuma Plastic surgery talking about natural BBW😂😂

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Angelah Mumirah Huddah likes attention sana

Greysea Gryffyn The bitch is depressed🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 apambane na lippies

Bobby Kagose Women just don’t SuppOrt each other.. This is someone’s role model who apparently thinks her petite body is the only body one should have… …Calvin klein recently did an xxl wardrobe campaign so doesn’t matter what she thinks..Lizzo still be on her lane

Steven Thomas Lizzo gat something to do. She is a RAPPER in capital letters. Its embarassing when she has to be insulted by our ENTERPANUA . Huddah yawa,kindly observe lanes. Diss your fellow Enterpanunus!

Jacquelyne Angoli Huddah is looking for a December catch after seeing Mdee dating a black actor now she is trying to trend to see if any celeb will notice her

Lizzi Mwadia Clout chasing. Use your talents like she does, why put her down? There is no award for insulting someone

Christian Rebecca Stupid little whore body shaming other women.Does huddah think she will be having that shape of has in 40s.Does she know how women struggle to lose weight, shameless little thing who knows nothing about life. In her 40s let her come post her shape, Even after delivering children. Ni hizo surgeries zao will fail one day. NOT GOOD TO SHAME ANOTHER LADY BECAUSE OF HER WEIGHT