Njeri Gachomba known to many as Njambi for her role in Real House Helps of Kawangware has opened up on how suffering a miscarriage affected her relationship.

The mother of two lost a pregnancy in 2017. Days ago she shared a pregnancy bum and wrote

‘Throwback to a few weeks ago…. Took this photo when I was 36 weeks …. Can’t believe we’re at 40weeks🙏🙏🙏🙏(feels like an eternity though) .’

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Njambi,Real Househelps of Kawangware

Njambi went on to state that contrary to what people think she is not hiding her pregnancy.

‘First of all I was not hiding the fact that I had a baby on the way, I wanted to confirm the well being of the baby before I announced it on social media.

Am due any day from yesterday 😁😁😁…. Am so excited but.’

The expectant mother had in 2017 suffered a miscarriage and it has not been an easy ride

‘So, about this photo, I wanted an illustration of what I had gone through last year.

The darkness I was living in because of a severe depression, I previously had a miscarriage and that also gave me the anxiety of sharing this news of this pregnancy.

Leaked baby bump photo: Njambi of Real House Helps of Kawangware


When we got pregnant on November 2017, we were not ready…

I remember after the miscarriage on April 2018 everyone told us that everything happened for a reason.

Njambi ,Real House Helps of Kawangware

We didn’t quite understand that it wasn’t the right time for us….

We both had unsolved issues and a lot of baggage’s at the time.

But Lord knows how hard losing that baby was, we were not only heart broken but our relationship got broken too.’

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Njambi added that when they lost their unborn baby in 2017 she and her baby daddy did not know how to handle the loss hence doing stupid things in the process.

‘We made stupid decisions last year because we didn’t know how to handle the pain together, we made stupid decisions that we still regret.

And it felt like when our baby died, she went with all our blessings.

That was the time TRHK went on a long break, and after that no doors were opening, no opportunity was coming our way.

I felt like I was being punished, like God had forgotten about us. I was jobless, stressed, dying inside and lonely.’

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She added

‘But look at God, the beginning of this year we were blessed and this time it was the right time.

We were ready emotionally, physically mad even spiritually. We had lost our way.

But everyday I keep on saying this is our miracle.

It came at the right time with it’s own blessings. Am telling you this Lord is an amazing God.

I keep telling people that am a living testimony of what the Lord can do.’

Njeri Gachomba alias Njambi or real house helps of Kawangware

In conclusion Njambi thanked her people for being there for her and for keeping her ‘secret.’

‘Haya…. To my people thank you for being patient najua mlikuwa mmengoja sana kupost…. Teseni IG kabisa sasa.

Thank you for keeping this onthe DL….. Thank you for the support it really means alot… Watu wakuuliza gender tungoje afike tujue 😜😜😜.’

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